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More Than Sweat - January 2020

More Than Sweat is a healthy lifestyle program in which you will receive customizable, app based exercise program, intuitive eating based nutrition guidance, deep core training and endless accountability both through personal messages and private Facebook group.

Why Join

Customizable, App Based Exercise Program – There are several different versions to accommodate for pregnancy, postpartum, diastasis recti, low impact, runners, beginner + advanced. Furthermore, it can be customized for a three, four or five day per week exercise schedule.

Intuitive Eating Based Nutrition Guidance – Rather than give you a specific nutrition plan of calories or macros, our focus is giving you the tools to make healthy eating EASY and TASTY. We want you to fuel your bodies so that you feel well, but we also want you to have a good relationship with food. In our experience, you don’t need a bunch of rules on what to eat, how much to have and when to eat it, but what you really could use are tips, advice and ideas on how to make healthy eating doable and enjoyable. So instead, we give you tons of recipes, dinner meal plans, healthy breakfast/lunch/snack ideas and loads of practical tips

Deep Core Training – One of the things that makes this program unique is the emphasis on the deep core, which is essential for ALL women regardless of the stage in their life. You will learn how to properly engage the deep core muscles using diaphragmatic breathing in addition to getting educational videos and exercises which improve overall strength/body composition, heal/prevent diastasis recti/incontinence and/or prepare for labor.

On top of that, you will receive endless accountability through messages and a private Facebook group in addition to having direct access to Camille and Jessica for any PERSONAL help that you should need. This program was designed to be repeated so that you achieve progressive overload which translates to progress and a healthy lifestyle that LASTS. Camille and Jessica will guide you through the program for the first four weeks (learning phase) and then it is meant to be repeated two more times for a building phase and finally a maintenance phase. This not only means you get more for your $$, but you will actually see change and solidify healthy habits. See below for the specific breakdown of each component.